CDP account

What is the CDP?

The Central Depository (Pte) Limited (CDP) is a subsidiary of the Singapore Exchange Limited (SGX). CDP provides depository, clearing, settlement and computerised book-entry services for securities traded on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (SGX-ST).

The CDP provides depository, clearing and book-entry settlement services for the Singapore stock market.

As a depository, CDP provides central nominee services. It is the central party which holds the shares on behalf of investors in CDP securities accounts.

As a clearing house, CDP also clears and settles all transactions in the stock market through its book-entry settlement system. Clearing takes place instantaneously once your trade is executed and we become the central counterparty, so it guarantees the trade for both the buyer and seller. Once CDP receives the details of the matched orders, it settles all trade positions by moving payments and shares to the rightful parties. After which, its book-entry settlement system will reflect all changes in share ownership in the CDP securities accounts concerned.

Q: What other services does CDP offer?
A: The CDP also offers a suite of depository services from account maintenance and custodial services, processing and distribution of entitlements to new issue distribution.

Approach our friendly CDP Customer Service Officers at our counters if you have any questions concerning your shares, entitlements and other CDP services.
They’re there help you to:

Open or close your CDP direct securities account
Deposit and/or withdraw scrips, which are the physical certificates reflecting ownership of your shares
Transfer your shares
Update your personal particulars & change in your signature
Check your latest or backdated shareholding balances
Exercise your rights entitlements
Process your application for CDP services like Direct Crediting Service (DCS), CDP Internet Access and CDP Phone
Our CDP Customer Service Counters are located at 4 Shenton Way, #02-01, SGX Centre 2, Singapore 068807. CDP’s counter services are mostly free of charge. However, there are certain administrative costs that are payable for services like deposits, withdrawals and transfers.
New issue distributions (IPOs) are credited into the accounts of successful applicants by the CDP.
Corporate actions will be the company’s distribution of entitlements, if any, to you. Dividends, rights and bonus issues fall under such corporate actions.

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12 Responses to CDP account

  1. Cathy Ho says:

    Dear Sirs:
    I have a CDP account but I would like to go on line and login to check my account. Please advise how what should l do.


  2. Chew Yak Boo says:

    I want to have a printed copy of my account with CDP. I cannot open the 1st website indicated above as there is a reply saying cannot find the page. To use 2nd website, I have no pin number. How?

  3. Sussie Chin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam, I am a Singapore Permanent Resident living in New Zealand. I have some Singtel shares but my account is registered under my NRIC number. I am in the process of giving up my PR status and would have to surrender my IC. Please inform me if I could identify myself with my UK passport when it comes to selling my shares. I would be most grateful for a quick reply.
    Cheers and thank you.
    Sussie Chin


    Forgot my CDP account number?

  5. You may contact CDP Customer Service Centre at (65) 65357511 for assistance

  6. Mdm Lee Swee Lian Betty says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Mdm Lee Swee Lian, my Account No: 1681-0265-6957. I have some SBS Transit shares and would like to sell them and do not know how to go about. I have a Remiser Mr Yeo Gun Tong (OCBC Securities) but I do not know whether he is still in this department as there is no update of his Handphone number.
    Please advise and what should I do.

    Regards and Thanks.

    Mdm Lee Swee Lian Betty

    • excloc says:


      The CDP holds your shares not the broker or your trading representative.Thus if you cant find your broker, you can always open a new trading account with another trading house and sell your shares through them.

      For more information on the function of CDP

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